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Valldemossa: An Exceptionally Beautiful Town with Colourful Alleys + An Incredible Spot in Cala Deia

IMG_2994IMG_0545IMG_4168IMG_7731IMG_9184IMG_9185sun hat (mine is old), similar HERE // Ray-Ban sunglasses // sea shell choker (mine is from a local boutique), similar HERE // tie front playsuit // black pearl sandals (mine are from a local boutique), similar HERE // Mango net bag (no longer available), similar HERE

TGIF, fashion lovers! It’s the end of another week as summer comes to an end which makes me kinda sad. But I’m excited to go back to England to start the new academic year and see my friends after a very long break. Anyways! Today’s blog post, which marks as the second #OOTD file, is brought to you from Valldemossa, Mallorca! We took the bus from our hotel in Puerto Portals to Valldemossa and before we even got there, we were greeted by a gorgeous scenery! As the bus was moving really fast, I couldn’t get a high quality picture but if I could, it would look something like the one below!

Taken from

I really liked my outfit that I wore in Valldemossa. This tie front playsuit is very comfy and looks like a co-ord although it’s actually a one-piece! I paired this playsuit with my black pearl sandals that I had purchased from a local boutique in Turkey, very similar to these Steve Madden ones. By the way, if you like my sea shell choker, a very popular piece of accessory this season, you can get a similar one HERE. I love how this choker complements almost all of my summer outfits!

Moving on, when we finally got to Valldemossa, we were mesmerised by the beauty of this little town. There were local boutiques, ice cream shops, cute little souvenir stores literally everywhere! The most iconic thing in Valldemossa is the flower pots on every stone wall which makes the perfect photo opportunity! We couldn’t help but take photos in front of every beautiful door as well!


We walked around in this little town and realised although most alleys seem to look alike at first, there is something about each alley that makes them unique yet incredibly gorgeous.

After a couple hours well spent exploring Valldemossa we took the bus to Deia, only half an hour from Valldemossa, to have lunch at this amazing seafood restaurant called “Ca’s Patro March” in Cala Deia. It’s situated just by the sea with an INCREDIBLE view. It’s a quite popular restaurant though, so I suggest making a reservation beforehand to avoid the queue and if you do, definitely ask for a table by the sea! It is quite a long walk from the centre of Deia where the bus stop is, which is why I suggest you arrange a taxi if you’re not driving there.


I had the most amazing sangria at this restaurant! Our food was delicious too, I definitely recommend their calamaris, yumm!

Sooo, that was our second day in Mallorca in a nutshell. We might have gone out clubbing later that night followed by an awful hangover the next day (lol!) when we took a trip to ……… CALO DES MORO! My next post will be on our long journey to Santanyi where we got lost in the middle of nowhere trying to get to one of the best secluded beaches in Mallorca, where the water is literally the bluest of blues!

So until my next post, have an amazing weekend folks!


Travel Diaries

Exploring The Streets of Palma

IMG_6630IMG_6830IMG_68371534725980731tie front top (on sale right now!) // old Zara shorts, similar HERE // Pauls Boutique London clutch bag, similar HERE (and on sale!) // Hermes sandals, it comes in a bunch of other colors

Happy Thursday, fashion lovers! In my first #OOTD file today, I wanted to share with you my travel diary from Palma de Mallorca, Spain! I arrived in the afternoon after a long journey from Istanbul to meet my lovely friend, Jackshanaa (on the right in the photo below) at our hotel in Puerto Portals. We decided to explore the area around the hotel that day, so we walked down the road to Portals Nous where we came across really nice shops, cafes and restaurants! We also saw a cute orange wall with a window just near the port and couldn’t help but have an impromptu photoshoot there lol!


My outfit of the day was this tie front top paired with my old Zara shorts. I especially really like the top as it has this tropical vibe to it and since I was on holiday, it was just the perfect top! By the way, if you like my shorts I found very similar ones on Asos. My beautiful blush pink Pauls Boutique clutch bag was a gift from my best friend for my birthday last year and it’s been my go-to bag ever since! It goes perfectly with literally every outfit! Mine is sadly no longer available though, but I found a very similar one HERE and it’s 50% off at the moment so I’d say don’t miss it!

After our little photoshoot by the orange wall, we had a much needed late lunch/early dinner at a slightly fancy restaurant called “Wellies” by the port and their sirloin steak in Cafe de Paris sauce was INCREDIBLE, I highly recommend! After our meal, we took a bus to the centre of Palma to watch the sunset, followed by a stroll by the sea. We barely made it in time to catch the sunset but it was definitely worth seeing the sky change into a million colours! It was just WOW!

Sooo, that’s it. The first ever #OOTD file! I hope you’ve enjoyed it. My second post will be brought to you soon (an exciting one really!). It will be about our second day in Mallorca exploring the beautiful town of Valldemossa that I fell in love with, also our lunch at the most AMAZING location in Cala Deia! So until then, stay inspired folks!