A Day In Calo Des Moro: Beach Lookbook

Happy Monday ya’ll! I hope you’re doing well. In today’s #OOTD file, I wanted to share with you guys my beach looks from my trip to Calo des Moro, an amazing hidden heaven in Mallorca. Sooo, WELCOME TO MY FIRST EVER LOOKBOOK! Yay!

Before I talk about my outfits, I’d like to tell you a bit about our tiny little adventure trying to get to Calo des Moro. We decided to take the bus from the centre of Palma to get to Santanyi, where we’d get off at the bus stop closest to Cala des Moro. Somehow we ended up missing our stop and we’d gone too far away by the time we realised. We got off the bus at some random stop with absolutely no idea where we were and our phones were unable to give us any directions. So we just kept walking based on our instincts and pretty much got lost in the middle of nowhere. After losing all hope and thinking we got stuck there, we found a petrol station (finally!) and asked for a taxi number. We were literally rescued by a taxi driver who picked us up from the petrol station and took us to Calo des Moro. Turns out, cars can’t go any further at some point and we had to walk down some stairs on the edge of the cliff where there were absolutely no safety precautions taken whatsoever. It was pretty scary, not to mention the fact that we were both extremely hungover!

When we finally made it to Calo des Moro, we were just speechless. It was the most incredible beach I’ve ever seen. I mean just look at the pictures below, wow! It was definitely worth all the hassle.

Anyways, that’s enough information about our scary adventure, let’s get to the lookbook!

Mono spot print maxi dress with front slit (mine is from a local boutique), similar HERE // check out my previous post for the sun hat

I chose this white maxi dress for my first look of the day. It feels so summery and the colour looks really good with a tan. I love the way it hugs my body in all the right places and the open back looks absolutely gorgeous. I paired this dress with my beige sun hat that I love wearing on holiday as it’s such a must-have piece! I chose to wear this outfit on my way to the beach but this dress can also be worn to dinner on a summer evening when paired with ankle strap heels or heeled mules.


Pretty Little Thing red striped bikini top and red striped tie side bikini bottom

My first swimwear choice of the day was this red striped bikini set. I think I first saw it in Calzedonia but I thought it was overpriced. When I saw the exact same bikini on the Pretty Little Thing website at a more reasonable price, I immediately added it to my bag. The top looks beautiful on as it accentuates the abs. The frill detail adds a bit of sophistication while still keeping it young and fresh. The bottom is quite comfortable as it’s easily adjustable. Also did I mention red is one of my favorite colours? It really is the perfect bikini and I’m in love! Right now both the top and the bottom are on sale as well, so I suggest you don’t miss this opportunity!


Oysho gathered trikini

I’m not the one to love the colour black but this piece actually makes me wanna add more black pieces to my closet. What I love about it is that it looks like a beautiful bikini from the back but it’s actually a one-shoulder swimsuit that shows just the right amount of skin. I think this is actually one of my favourite swimsuits as I feel so comfortable swimming in it. In fact, that’s probably one of the most important things that I look for in a swimsuit. I don’t know about you but comfort is a priority for me, especially at the beach. Why give up your comfort just to be stylish when you can have both, right? If you like this swimsuit, it’s actually on sale right now in Oysho so go grab one before the sale ends!


White swimsuit with flowers (mine is from a local boutique), similar HERE

So this one actually has been a popular piece for the past two years and you’ve probably seen it on someone on Instagram. I think it’s sort of become a classic as the flower details at the back look gorgeous! It is really comfortable as well and surprisingly, although it’s white it makes you look quite fit! I got this swimsuit from a local boutique in Turkey although you can find it on La Reveche’s website as well, the original brand that first started selling it. I love wearing this swimsuit but I’ve got so many pictures in it so I decided to sell mine (size 6) on Depop to clear up some space for new stuff! If you’d like to check it out (and also some other items that I’m selling, all in great condition), click HERE.


United Colors of Benetton wooden handle straw tote (no longer available), similar HERE // yellow chiffon beach cover up/pareo (mine is from a local boutique), similar HERE // Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

I can’t talk about beachwear and not mention my beach bag, right? I got this straw tote from Benetton at the start of the season and it’s been my go-to beach bag ever since! This beautiful shade of green, combined with wooden handles, makes this bag look really chic. It looks quite small from the outside, so you might think it would be really difficult to fit all your stuff into it. However, it’s much larger on the inside and I can fit two large beach towels and all my other beach essentials into it! How amazing is that? Sadly though this exact bag is no longer available but I found a very similar one HERE.

And that brings us to the end of my first lookbook! I hope you all enjoyed it and I’d be very glad to hear what you think about it. I really can’t choose as I love all of them but I think my favourite one would be either look #2 or #3, so let me know which look is your favourite! And until next time, stay inspired folks!


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